MaLiBro is the online platform designed to help you discover Credible Brands and Contacts that are around you. MaLiBro also helps you Showcase your brand to other brands, business entities and people. Many times we find our selves looking for the right person, company or business entity to help us solve a particular problem. Unfortunately we find ourselves skepticle about engaging most brands because we do not know them well. MaLiBro helps you get intouch with Brands that have a decent track record. What all the Brands Listed here have in common is that they are all credible. Create an Account for yourself or for your business, organization, brand... Simply Login Register and Be Amazed!

The online business expo MaLiBro is designed to provide the experience of an online business expo so as to promote business entities that are registered on the MaLiBro platform. MaLiBro may engage both online and offline mechanisms to enable you Advertise your Brand discover other Brands and network with people and other business entities. To be a part of this experience, create a MaLiBro Account for your business entity and display it on the stream.

MaLiBro is every where. We are accessible no matter where you are through our business portal